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We have experience working with artists both as apprentices and through college training and have created beautiful artwork both design by us and other artists in aluminum, bronze, copper, steel and stainless steel. Some of the items that we have created include: large steel and stainless steel fabricated sculpture both from artists renderings and small models, hanging sculptures including a 20 foot diameter mobile, sundials from 2 feet to 13 feet tall, copper repouse work, both relief and three dimensional including an 8 foot statue of the Madonna which sits above St. Patrickís Cathedral in Manhattan, and a 30 foot tall altar structure for Pope John Paul IIís masses in Giantsís Stadium. We also work with a number of casting foundries. Some of the artists and architects we have worked with include: Don Shepherd, Herb Rosenberg, Gloria Kisch, Elaine Lorenz, Robert Adzema, RUR Architecture and Anthony Genovese.